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Yellow Coaching is able to create an entertaining and educational keynote speech, presentation, or training for your next conference, workshop, seminar or event. We can tailor content specifically for your organisation, whether it be for your Directors, team, clients or suppliers.

Would you like to:

  • train your team to communicate more effectively?
  • hold a results-driven business planning workshop for your executives?
  • have an effective strategic planning meeting with the Board? or
  • inspire your team to work with you to increase your sales and profitability?

We will tailor a workshop or corporate training to your requirements, or you can select from our list of business mastery topics. Find out more here.

Here are just a few of the organisations for which we have specifically tailored presentations and training:

  • Revenue NSW
  • Royal Australian Air Force
  • Roads and Maritime Services
  • National Australia Bank
  • Interflora
  • ActionCOACH
  • Farrow Wyatt
  • Mai-Wel
  • Evans Edwards & Associates
  • Granny Flat Solutions
  • CR Rail
  • Hunter Water
  • Alphacare
  • Healing Wave Chiropractic
  • Stockland Green Hills
  • Stockland Jesmond
  • Valley Homes
  • HVL Group
  • Rutherford Cable
  • Cessnock Chamber of Commerce

Here is some feedback from participants at a recent full-day workshop for Managers at Revenue NSW:

“The information content, style of presenters, relevance to my situation and enjoyment factor were all excellent.” – Nicole

“An excellent workshop. It helped me understand the value of working as part of a leadership team and being able to trust each other.” – Sharon

“Thanks for a fun and informative workshop. I enjoyed it immensely. I learned tips on how to deliver feedback; knowledge regarding the importance of trust within a team; and understanding of my own team and the work we need to do in order to function. I also got a refresher on above/below the line behaviours and being accountable for me, and a reminder of DISC and that I  need to approach different people differently.” – Allissa

“I found the workshop to be very engaging and liked the momentum it started for the leadership team. I learned that it’s important to take greater accountability for myself and my reactions to situations, and that I can be an initiator of change.” – Dane

Small businesses, professional associations, and large organisations use Yellow Coaching to present at or facilitate many kinds of workshops, meetings and events. These include strategic planning conferences, initial meetings with contractors, board meetings, and negotiations.

Our coaches also provide keynote speaking for larger events; educational and entertaining presentations at conferences; and training for work teams.

Contact us to see how we can make your next event a success. 

public workshops

Yellow Coaching holds public workshops to educate the local business community and its leaders. We don’t have any public workshops scheduled at this time. Please read below for details of previous events. If you would like a similar workshop tailored for your business or group, please enquire here.

The 4 Reasons You Don’t Need New Clients (yet)

Are you finding business tough this year?

Have you been in business for some time, and this is the worst you’ve seen it?

Is the mining downturn or lack of consumer confidence leading to fewer customers through your door and less profit in your bank account?

If you’re like the majority of business owners, you will have answered a resounding YES to all the above.


“The 4 Reasons You Don’t Need New Clients” public workshop taught local business leaders how to get more profit from their business without getting new customers. They learned:

  • The 4 reasons finding new customers is not the only answer to increasing their profitability
  • How to maximise the profit from every dollar their business already earns
  • How to ensure they’re not missing out on hidden opportunities with existing clients

Here is some feedback we received from participants:

“Excellent workshop. I got lots of great tools to use to motivate myself and my staff.”
– Clarissa Bailey, Valley Tyres

“I got some good ideas on the direction I should be heading to keep my customers happy, and learned there is more business to be gained from my existing customers. Excellent workshop.”
– Rob Langham, Roccet Engraving

“The most exciting thing I learned from this workshop is how to recognise who our A class clients are, and how to move forward and grow in business with them.  Excellent session.”
– Alicia Jessup, Go With The Flow Air Conditioning

“From this workshop I learned that there is a lot of internal factors of business that we can fix and improve before trying to get new leads. We are currently measuring our sales vs target and learning where we can improve. The most exciting thing I learned is how to separate our business into different sections to improve people skills as well as measure finances.”
– Kelsea Winfield, Additive Free Pantry

“I loved the motivation and direction I got from this workshop. I learned the importance of the words “I am”, “Be Do Have” and the importance of having a vision board.”
– Vanessa Murray, Nessy Chops

“Excellent workshop. I learned that it’s not what you know, it’s what you do that counts. It’s essential to plan like a pro, get into the Be, Do Have, and work on my I Am statements.”
– Tanya Winfield, Additive Free Pantry

How To Get More Money Out Of Your Business!

Local business leaders joined us to discover how to get more money out of their business. They learned  how to effectively plan for cashflow, taxation, profit… and the fun stuff!  We reminded them that there’s no point being in business if you’re not making money, and that the profit must be in your bank account, not just on paper!

What they learned:

  • How to get more cash in your business
  • How to build short-term security
  • How to plan for future growth and long term investment while dealing with day-to-day demands
  • How to get the best lending structures for growth, and have them pay off your debt

We also revealed how your bank can help you. We answered questions like:

  • Should I borrow, lease or use cashflow to fund business assets?
  • Can I lend against business assets or against cash? If so, how?
  • Once my short-term security is covered, what next?

All proceeds from this event were proudly donated to Ronald McDonald House Charities.

Here is some of the feedback we received:

“This workshop was excellent. I obtained a new mindset/outlook on how to make our business profitable. It has reinforced to me the need to “be” the person you want to be and keep learning.”
– Kim Lechner, John Lechner Fine Art Prints

“I received several ideas which I’m going to introduce and this will make us money.”
– Sally Markham, Sally & Patrick’s

“This workshop was awesome. It seriously opened my mind to a new business attitude.”
– John Lechner, John Lechner Fine Art Prints

How To Get A Winning Mindset!

Thanks to the proactive business leaders who joined us for this workshop.

Attendees learned how all successful people, in sport and business, have one thing in common – they define what they want and take action to achieve their goals. They learned how to overcome obstacles and maintain daily momentum towards their success.

At this workshop we revealed how you can be the best in the business by learning how to think like a champion.

What participants learned:

  • How to set themselves up for success
  • How to bounce, not break, when things don’t go to plan
  • How failure can be their best teacher
  • How to change direction without losing focus
  • How to keep raising the bar to achieve more
  • Why just setting goals and ‘doing’ isn’t enough
  • How to surround themselves with like-minded people who will support them every step of the way.

All proceeds from this event – over $1,000 – were proudly donated to Ronald McDonald House Charities ( Thanks to everyone who attended.

Here is some of the feedback we received:

“The style of presentation and information content were excellent. I got great ideas for maintaining mindset and focus, especially in the challenging times. The most valuable thing I learned was the benefits of working in your zone.”
– Simon Rowse, SG Technologies

“This workshop was excellent value and gave me great motivation.”
– Alex Collins, Calmer Baby Care

“An excellent workshop. It helped me with my mindset on a few issues I was having, and the timing was excellent. I now understand that there are some things I cannot control, and that it is my reactions to those things that are important.”
– Craig Toyne, Toyne Business Consultants

“The most valuable thing I got from this workshop was the focus on setting my objectives and goals. Everyone has the same business challenges. If I apply the strategies I learned in this workshop I can be in front of my competition and be successful.”
– Caroline Burg, SafeAbility

“For me, the value of the workshop was at a personal level, rather than a business level. It reinforced the actions I need to take to make change and stay positive. It was a reminder that I really do have to write stuff down, like goals, and talk about them.”
– Kim Lechner, John Lechner Fine Art Prints

“This workshop gave me an improved vision of what I need to be doing and thinking to meet my goals. It reinforced how important removing negative influences is, and the importance of perseverance. I also learnt the importance of working in my zone, and outsourcing what is not in my zone to others who work well in that area.”
– Jane Peters, Crema Coffee House

“The greatest value of this workshop was in the team bonding with our whole team being there together and discussing the content afterward. The most exciting thing I learned was simple but effective – keeping a time limit on worrying.”
– Fyona Coulton, Jones Homes

“This was an excellent workshop. It demonstrated the importance of writing specific goals and sharing them with others. This will keep me focussed. The most valuable thing I learned is that when you are specific, focussed, and have grit, great results can be achieved.”
– Linda Nicol, GoGo Conveyancing

“I got great value out of this workshop. I took many notes and they will be used to better my business. The most valuable thing I learned is to persevere!”
– Rob Langham, Roccet Engraving

Marketing Made Easy

Is your marketing Mayhem or Magic? Coach Julianne Schwenke recently had the pleasure of presenting at the monthly luncheon of the Women In Business Connect groups in both Maitland and Newcastle, outlining common marketing mistakes and her top 10 tips for marketing success. These included how to:

  • Seek fortune (as well as fame)
  • Speak the language your ideal customers want to hear
  • Get other businesses to help you with your marketing … for free!
  • Boost your marketing personality and stand out from the crowd
  • Work out whether or not your marketing idea is a good investment.

Best of all, she revealed that marketing can be easy, and fun!

My Staff Are Driving Me Crazy (and my boss is an idiot!)

As both employers and employees are well aware, team issues can be a major stress in business. Over 80 attendees from 60 separate businesses attended our new workshop and learned how to get their whole team working together.

Attendees learned:

    • How to manage difficult employees
    • How to turn whinging into winning
    • How to lead and inspire their team
    • How to find dream employees
    • How to raise issues with their boss
    • How to get their staff to do what they’re supposed to do!
    • How to get their whole team working towards a common goal.

Thanks to all the employers and employees who joined us for this fun morning of learning!

Here is some of the feedback we received:

“The information content and applicability of this workshop to my business was excellent. It gave me focus and reinforced why I started my own business. The most exciting thing I learned is that is it ok to look after me, the owner. While staff needs are important, so are mine.”
– Karen Jurd, Owner, Complete Planning Solutions

“At this excellent workshop I got a glimpse into the reality of good management,  and recognised the opportunities available to inspire my peers.”
– Fyona Coulton, Jones Homes

“I always learn relevant information to apply in my business at Yellow Coaching workshops. This one helped me have the confidence to manage our team well with specific tools and strategies.”
– Caroline Burg, SafeAbility

“This workshop helped me be confident about managing staff and supporting them if I grow my business, and be comfortable with the “risk” of recruiting team members into my business. An excellent workshop.”
– Shane King, AskITEE

“This workshop was excellent. I learned how to better express myself when giving instructions and how to better manage certain situations. I’m always learning new things at each Yellow Coaching workshop.”
– Tegan Paoletti, Bella Cheveux

“I always love Yellow Coaching workshops. They are full of information, inspiration, fun and accountability. I always leave feeling ready to implement, create and change the world. Thank you!”
– Tanya Winfield, Additive Free Pantry

4 Keys to Business Success

We welcomed attendees from throughout the Hunter Valley to our public business training workshops Hunter Valley, revealing the 4 Keys to Business Success.

Thanks to all the business leaders who shared a great morning of learning with us!

This is what a couple of our attendees said:

“At this excellent workshop I learned the value of setting goals and the importance of behaving like the CEO!”
– Renae Legge, Razzle Dazzle Ultimate Cleaning

“At this session the most exciting things I learned (although there were many) were around financial savings, business culture, team meetings, organisation charts, and position descriptions. Yellow Coaching always deliver great value at events. Not only do I get information from the workshop, I also get to network with all the other attendees … pretty valuable stuff.”
– Tanya Winfield, Additive Free Pantry


Top 10 Marketing Tips! How To Hit Your Target

Is your business marketing missing the mark? Attendees at our Top 10 Marketing Tips workshop learned how to make their marketing work for them. Our tips included:

  • How to research your market and define your ideal client
  • How to communicate your uniqueness
  • How to decide if your marketing is a good investment
  • How to write a simple and effective marketing plan
  • How to create a predictable, successful marketing machine that brings profit to your business…and much more.

Thanks to the many business leaders who joined us. Here are some of their comments:

“We got a great deal of value from this workshop. Not only did it encourage us to think about our own marketing strategies, but it gave us the confidence and tools to take the first steps to construct and implement a structured marketing plan.

The most exciting aspect was learning the tools to be able to construct a marketing plan and control our marketing, rather than using a haphazard ‘come what may’ approach. The way you taught the first step of any marketing plan – ‘identifying your target audience and where you can access them’ – was a very useful and practical lesson.

“Keep doing what you’re doing! It was wonderful.”

– Sarah Anderson, Ted’s Bike Shop

“I got an understanding of what makes a good marketing strategy and what is a waste of time, and also how to define my target market, test and measure marketing strategies, and be accountable.”

– Scott McIntyre, Tailored Wealth

“I got enormous value as I invited, bought and paid for a visitor who is always looking to improve her marketing so that added value to my relationship with her. I learnt to spend more of my day learning about my tribe … how we can add value, make them feel special, discover their other needs.”

– Glenn Kirkwood, That Referral Guy

“This was an excellent workshop. I didn’t realise that only 17% of customers and price-based – very interesting in today’s market. I also learned the importance of focusing on the marketing plan even when busy.”

– Sheri Martin, NAB Business Banking

“At this workshop I learned specific marketing plan steps (1 to 10) to lift marketing results. Targeting is critical, and 10/10 effort needs to be spent in this area. I also learned the importance of defining our unique selling proposition.”

– Ian Carney, Coles Refrigeration & Air Conditioning

Client Events

In addition to our regular public workshops, we hold events just for clients. Here is some feedback we received on our Annual Client Conference:

“Being in a room with like-minded people was invigorating and extremely positive.” – Peter Clarke, Hunter Valley Chocolate Company

“The dreams and goal setting session is very motivational and allows you to focus on what you want to achieve and put plans in place. I have achieved so much more since I created my bucket list.” – Rebecca Pritchard, Gecko Security

“Today was inspiring and motivating. Giving specific attention to results vs reasons was excellent. Spending time on dreams and goals increased imagination and creativity in the otherwise number-crunching/worries of business.” – Carolyn Nichols, Nichols Electrical

Andrew Masi opened last year’s Annual Client Conference by reminding attendees that the results we get in our business and our lives are all about the choices we make:

read on for more information about our public business training workshops…

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Business!

Public Workshop

We welcomed over 100 local business leaders to our workshop “How To Get The Most Out Of Your Business”.

Our attendees learned how to get their business to work for them, instead of having their business run them! They found out how to reverse the cycle of business to ensure their business is cycling in the right direction for success.

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How to Sell … Without Selling!

Public Workshop

At this public workshop we enjoyed a great morning of learning with over 90 local business leaders. Our attendees learned:

  • How to get more people through the door of their business, and how to convert them into customers,
  • How to sell more of their products and services to more people, and
  • How to improve their communication to make selling a breeze.

Best of all, participants came away with tools to boost their business sales without pushy sales tactics!

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How To Be A Time Management Guru!

Public Workshop

Want to use your time more effectively? Over 100 attendees at this workshop showed us what a critical topic this is. We admitted that while we can’t give people more hours in their day, we can make sure they are using the ones they do have effectively!

Business leaders learned how to make time to work “on” their business, for their partner and family, for health, and for fun. Thanks to all who attended, and please let us know your progress with your new time management skills.

How To Get A Better Business!

Local business leaders joined us to learn how to create a better business from the base up.

Attendees came away with an invaluable model for business growth and proven strategies to implement immediately. Thank you to all who attended – we love being a part of your continued business success.

How To Crush Your Competitors!

Outplay your competition by being the best in the business…

Over 100 local business leaders attended our workshop and learnt how to outrun their competition and become known for their outstanding customer service. They learned how to turn their customers into raving fans that do their selling for them, all by simply creating outstanding experiences for their customers and clients.

Most businesses believe they provide excellent customer service, yet in reality Australia falls far short of customer service standards. Research show that 86% of customers who quit doing business with a company do so due to a bad customer experience!

Our attendees learned how to:

  • Provide imaginativeunpredictablesuperior customer service to their existing customers
  • Stand out from the crowd and bring new customers through their door … and
  • Ensure those customers remain with them, rave about them, and bring all their friends!
Since this event, we have presented this workshop as in-house team training for local companies. To find out more about getting your team at peak performance and having this workshop as part of your next training day, contact us today.
Tour France

How To Manage Difficult People (That Includes Your Customers!)

We shared a great morning of learning with local business leaders on:

  • A guide to reading people by observing their behaviours …
  • What behavioural triggers are pushing your buttons … and
  • What to do about it – practical steps to deal with your difficult staff.

Our attendees came away with a better understanding of the people they deal with, an awareness of how those peoples’ behaviour affects them, and skills for managing those behaviours.

Andrew Masi presenting to nearly 100 business leaders from the Hunter Valley region on How To Manage Difficult People

Habits of Effective Managers Revisited

Andrew Masi presented to a full house at our Habits of Effective Managers Revisited workshop. Andrew shared what the most effective managers do to get results from their team … and most importantly, how they do it.

Craig McGregor, Director of Hunter Recruitment Group and Retain HR, had this to say:

“Today I attended a fantastic session by Andrew Masi – Yellow Executive Business Coaching – where he outlined in a very practical format the habits of effective managers. If it is OK with you Andrew I would like to give you some affirming feedback… As a recruitment and HR professional I agreed with your teachings and believe that a couple of points would be prudent for the group in attendance along with any of your other clients. I use this quote daily: “People leave managers they don’t leave companies.” If you are not implementing the programs Andrew discussed this morning then your quality staff will be contacting me with their CV’s looking for a better opportunity. Andrew also touched on a great interviewing technique which highlights another point that most managers ignore. In today’s employment market it is the candidate in most instances that is interviewing the employer rather than the manager finding out if the candidate is suitable. Andrew is 100% correct in his teaching that your employees are your most valuable asset. How you manage them is of the utmost importance to having a successful operation. Thanks Andrew for a fantastic session.”

Andrew Masi reveals how simply changing the way you ask questions can eliminate blame, excuses and denial in the workplace … and make your team take ownership, be accountable and responsible … leading to RESULTS in your business:

To talk to us about getting better results from your team, click here.

workshop facilitation & strategic planning

Organisations use Yellow Coaching to facilitate many kinds of workshops, meetings and events, such as strategic planning conferences, initial meetings with contractors, board meetings, and negotiations. Contact us to see how we can help.