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To build a bigger and better business there are some essential questions you should ask yourself about your business.

Do you know how many potential clients you attract? How many leads do you convert into clients? How much does a client spend each time they buy from you? How many purchases do they make on average? And what is the gross or net margin you achieve from these sales?

Testing and measuring your performance in each of these areas gives you a better understanding of your business, and a baseline from which to build.

Andrew Masi of Yellow Executive Business Coaching is currently offering a limited number ofcomplimentary Business Review & Diagnostic Sessions to review the potential of your business.

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Take a step forward and increase your business success. We look forward to hearing from you.

Andrew Masi is a leading Business Coach in the Hunter Valley Region of NSW. Andrew’s extensive experience in business finance, operations, team management and leadership benefits clients in Newcastle, Maitland, Singleton, Sydney, and across the Hunter Valley. 

Posted by julianne, 6/2/12