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Why do business owners use a business coach?

Why do business owners use a business coach?

Is your business affected by Covid lockdowns?

If your business is suffering due to Covid lockdowns in your region, it's easy to lose hope. Here are some practical ways you can use this time to your advantage, and prepare to come back strong when restrictions ease. Covid lockdowns are affecting many types of businesses in different ways. Most visible are the retail [...]

How much should I spend on marketing?

If you’ve been in business for several years, you may be at a stage where you’re not sure how effective your marketing is anymore. Perhaps you’ve been: Advertising in the same publication month after month, wondering if anyone sees it?Attending networking functions but not sure if it’s worth your time?Investing in digital advertising, but not […]

How to achieve your business goals

Business owners: Despite having business goals, are you disappointed with your business results over the last financial year? Poor financial results might be just the start of your frustrations. You might be thinking …  How much longer can I work these long hours? Will my family continue to tolerate me always being at work? For […]

Should you plan for 2021?

After the year we’ve all had, we are certain of one thing: you want to create a plan for 2021 to be A LOT better than 2020! But just as the week before Christmas showed us, the best laid plans can be sent into disarray by circumstances out of our control. As disappointing as it […]

Communication & Customer Service: When no news is not good news

When communication and customer service are in sync, your business will prosper. But poor communication leads to dissatisfied customers. As a customer, it’s probably happened to you at least once. You’re dealing with a business and are waiting for a response. You haven’t heard from them when you expected, so you’ve sent an email or […]

How to increase business profit without marketing

Business owners often tell us they want to increase business profit. To get more profit, they want help with marketing to get more leads. Our answer is always yes, we can help you with that, but not yet. Think of your business as a bucket. The water you pour in is leads generated from marketing, […]

Business advice: How to get better business results

Getting sound business advice can be challenging. You might be wondering, Who can I trust? How will I find the time? How much will it cost? But finding a trusted business advisor can help you achieve results faster than doing it on your own. Business improvement can be related to Albert Einstein’s famous quote: “Insanity […]

Is my business doing as well as everyone else’s?

Do you ever feel like your business challenges are worse than what other businesses go through? Do you often think other businesses are doing better than yours? Do you wonder what you’re doing wrong to have so many problems in your business? As a business owner, it’s common to compare your business to others and […]

Business growth after Covid-19

If your business has survived the disruption of the last few weeks, you are probably wondering ‘what next’? Here’s how to achieve business growth after Covid-19, ensuring you have a solid foundation for success… Sentiment seems to be that in Australia at least, the worst impact of Covid-19 on businesses is over. Covid-19’s effects on […]

Covid-19: How to look after your employees while ensuring your business remains viable

Business owners are concerned about how to protect the jobs of their employees while also ensuring their business is viable long after Coronavirus has gone. Here are our tips on what to prioritise during these challenging times, using lessons from businesses that made it through the Global Financial Crisis…

Covid-19 and your business financials

The Government assistance available to your business during Covid-19 as of 24 March 2020 …

Your mental wellbeing during Covid-19

Business owners: Your business isn’t viable without YOU, so as much as you can it’s time to put yourself first!

Cashflow and your business during Covid-19

There are 3 main things for SMEs to focus on in April to ensure they stay viable through Covid-19. Watch this short video made for our business owner clients, and find out how to maximise cashflow and Government lifelines available for business during this time.

Covid-19 and Your Business

Act with urgency, before the emergency As business owners, you are no doubt seeking the latest Government information affecting your workplace, while trying to foresee and plan for all possible scenarios. Below are links to three invaluable sources of information to keep you up to date: Cash flow assistance for businesses fact sheet: Australian Government […]

How a mentor can take your business from good to great in 5 easy steps

When you think about the definition of a mentor – “someone who is an experienced and trusted advisor” – it just makes sense that every business owner needs someone like that in their business and their life. One the most significant hurdles for most business owners is the feeling of isolation at times, and the […]

How you can drive business success through coaching, motivation and discipline

When a company sets goals, the priorities are clear for everyone involved in the organisation. You want every employee, including yourself, to have focus on the goals that help them prioritise their time, and then review the outcomes vs goals quarterly. Sounds easy on paper, but how do you put that simple step into action? […]

Improve staff performance in your business

Are you frustrated with poor staff performance in your business? Have you given your team members tools to do their role, but they still under-perform and miss their KPIs? Do you sometimes wonder if it’s time to let certain staff go? At times it’s easy to assume your staff just don’t care enough to do [...]

Business by design: How did yours perform in 2018?

Do you have a business that brought you everything you wanted this year – what we call a business by design? In terms of how much money it makes you, how much happiness it gives you, and how much time it allows you to do what you want when you want, how has your business […]

Business Networking Tips

(for people who don’t love business networking) Does the thought of business networking and meeting new people make you nervous rather than excited? Do you deliberately arrive at business events late, leave early, and struggle to find people to talk to and things to say while you’re there? Is building relationships with others important to your business […]

Business success: the one simple secret

Business success is determined by one key concept. When you understand and use it, you will be able to face and overcome challenges and continually improve, in both your business and personal life. This simple concept is called above and below the line.   Picture an imaginary horizontal line. Above the line is a way […]

Time Management: Get More Done in Less Time

Is time management important in your role? Are you too busy in your work and personal life? Do you put out fires all day and never get to your to-do list?  Are you bombarded by emails, phone calls and interruptions that stop you focusing on what’s most important?  If you answered yes, you’re not alone. […]

The best employees: how to get and keep them

Employers: Do you want to attract the best employees to work in your business? Would you like your existing team members to step up and perform to a higher standard? Are you keen to be considered an employer of choice? While at times market conditions influence how many 'good people' are out there to employ [...]

How to ensure your team gives exceptional customer service

Whether your business sells a product or service, your customers want their experience with your business to be a positive one. And the basis of any memorable experience is exceptional customer service. Tourists want to come to your town, city or region and feel welcomed, valued, and to have a memorable stay. What you provide […]

Business Marketing: 5 things you must do before you start!

If you’re in business, you probably want more profit than you’re currently getting. And the most effective way to do that is to increase your business marketing to get more customers, right? Not necessarily! Lead generation will definitely result in more enquiries, but doesn’t guarantee more profit. In fact, having more enquiries may just make your […]

The 3 Pillars of Business Growth

No matter how well your business did last year (and we hope it was a brilliant year for you), there are 3 fundamental things you need for continued business growth and mastery. The new year is the perfect time to reassess where you are now, and where you want to be when Christmas rolls around […]

How to make 2018 your best year yet!

Whether you’re a manager, business owner, or employee, one thing we’re sure of: You want 2018 to be a great year! Your wish-list might include work-life balance, a profitable business, a happy and productive team, and achievement of your personal goals. So how do you ensure you get what you want in 2018, and what […]

Difficult Customers: How to deal with them effectively

Dealing with difficult customers is a common part of most businesses. You’ve no doubt heard the adage The Customer Is Always Right. But if you’ve ever dealt with a difficult customer, you’ll know for a fact that’s not true! Difficult customers are often simply disappointed because their expectations haven’t been met. If they complain and […]

5 Ways To Increase Your Business Profit

Would you like to increase your business profit? Here’s five simple strategies to make more money in your business and boost your profit margins … 1) Increase your prices This is the fastest and easiest way to boost your margins, and we’ve found that business owners tend to be more afraid of raising prices than […]

Difficult employee? Here’s how to manage them…

Do you have a difficult employee that doesn't do what you ask them to do? Maybe they're not returning customer phone calls, not turning up to work on time, or not following company procedures. Behaviour which started as annoying has become untenable. You're frustrated and thinking, "I've asked them a thousand times! They just don't care [...]

Business Owners: Need Help With Time Management?

As a business owner, is time management one of your strengths, or are you working more hours than ever, and still not getting everything done? Did you start your business to get more freedom and flexibility, but have less time now than you did working for someone else? Are you starting to think that work/life […]

Do you still want a dream team of employees in your business?

Do you want a team of high-performing employees in your business?  Have you got some star players, but a few stragglers bringing the team down?  Do you want to stop “oiling the squeaky wheel” so you can spend time developing your key staff? When you started out in business you dreamed of having a team […]

Why You Don’t Want Satisfied Customers

7 Reasons to Improve Your Customer Service in 2017 Matthew had an anniversary surprise for his wife – a limousine trip to the city, dinner at a fancy restaurant, and a night in a suite at a 5-star hotel. He had planned it for weeks, and was excited to spoil her with a special weekend away. […]

Why Your Managers Need Management Training

When leading and managing a team, a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t cut it. Many people rise through the ranks of an organisation because of their natural ability to achieve results, but this doesn’t mean they know how to effectively lead and manage people. Too often we see managers treating every team member the same way – in the way […]

Two Business Secrets You Need To Know

(one your competitors won’t tell you, and one everyone should be told!) Do you sometimes feel that your competitors have a secret that’s allowing their business to do better than yours? Do you look at other businesses and think they are smooth sailing, while yours is weathering rough seas? If you’re like most business owners, […]

3 Things You Need To Know About Business Success

Think of the successful business people you know. What makes them successful? Is it their wealth, management ability, respect they get from others, perseverance, determination, or character? People you perceive as successful have something you admire. Perhaps you see similar characteristics in yourself, aspire to have what they have, or want to be like them in some […]

Making the Work Environment Fun

All work and no play is not a sound strategy in business for retaining employees. Tasks employees need to do at work may be repetitive and tedious. Depending on the nature of the work your business does, there may not be much you can do to improve the enjoyment of the actual work. But you […]

Why Leadership Training and Development is Essential for Your Business

Are you one of those still doubting the need for training and developing the leaders in your company? You might argue that leadership training and development does not come cheap. And that your organisation has bigger issues to tackle, and money should be allocated on those rather than on training. But I advise you to […]

Why Coaching is Essential for Mid-Level Managers

There are many skills required of supervisors, team leaders and managers within large organisations. They need to deliver on the expectations of shareholders or government, senior management, their direct reports, as well as customers or clients. These mid-level management positions require this 360-degree view at all times. Managers rise to this level due to their […]

Why you don’t want your customers to be satisfied…

A key goal in business is satisfying your customers, right? Wrong. Satisfaction is a word that has become synonymous with customer service, but we don’t believe it’s good enough. In legal terms satisfaction can mean repayment of a debt. It can also mean having your expectations met. Sure, when you go to a store you […]

Top Time Management Tips

Time is your most precious resource. Time is one thing we all have that’s not replaceable. We can’t slow it down, stop it, get it back or create more. Once it’s gone, it’s gone forever. Each life lasts a different amount of time, and none of us know exactly how much time we will get. Some people race [...]

Don’t roll the dice with your marketing!

As a business owner, are you spending time and money on advertising and marketing but seeing little result? Are you advertising in the same publication month after month, wondering if anyone sees it? Attending networking functions but not getting bookings or sales? Distributing flyers but not hearing the phone ring?     It’s time to […]

How Should I Stay In Touch With My Customers?

As a business owner, you probably spend considerable time, effort and money getting new customers. If you want to grow your business, you are no doubt actively advertising, marketing and asking for referrals. But are you investing enough time and energy in keeping your existing customers? You’ve no doubt heard the saying that it’s six to […]

The 5 Things You Need To Succeed In Business

Your current knowledge, goals, skills, experience and actions have created the business you have today. If you are dissatisfied with any aspect of your business, you need to change something to get a different outcome. Albert Einstein is famously quoted as saying: "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different [...]

The 3 Reasons Your Staff Don’t Do What You Ask (and what to do about it)

Do you find that your staff sometimes (or perhaps often) don’t do what you’ve asked them to do? Does it seem like no matter how many times you’ve asked, things still aren’t being done? Are you feeling frustrated and not sure what to do? It’s a lament we hear often from frustrated business owners, executives, managers and […]

People Don’t Care About You!

They care about what you can do for them. A big mistake when marketing your business is to only tell your prospects the features of what you do (ie. what your business provides) instead of what the customer really wants to know, which is what’s in it for them. For example, if you’re a hairdresser […]

Need Business Help But Don’t Know Where To Turn?

Before you take action, here are the 8 most important questions to ask … As a business owner, you probably know that you need help in one or more areas of your business. You know that a business consultant, advisor, strategist or coach can help you, but you have a lot of questions, such as [...]

Why You Should Stop Calling Yourself An Entrepreneur (unless you are one!)

The Entrepreneurial Fallacy Entrepreneur has become a buzzword over the last few years. Entrepreneur is not a bad word – in fact, it’s pretty harmless – so why shouldn’t we use it all the time? Because the way we use it is crippling business owners and imposing limitations on their full potential! I’ve been working [...]

Thank you!

Referral Rewards … do you give them to people who refer your business on to others? If you are (or aim to be) a referral-based business, we believe it’s important to express gratitude to those who encourage others to use your products or services. You may choose to offer a referral incentive up front, such [...]

The Power of Testimonials

Business Owners: Did you know that using testimonials from your customers is a great marketing strategy? It probably sounds so simple that you’re about to click away… But wait! Ask yourself, are you actually asking for testimonials regularly from your clients, and even more importantly, are you using them? Testimonials can boost sales because they [...]

It is what it is … or is it really?

“It is what it is” is a useful phrase that acknowledges acceptance of a business situation you can’t change. For example: Economic downturn? It is what it is. You can’t change it, but you can work within economic realities to get more customers through your door. Key team member off work sick? It is what [...]

3 Simple Steps to Reach Your Goals

There are many effective strategies for goal-setting. Visualisation, strategic planning, writing goals down, breaking them into achievable chunks, ensuring they are SMART, and linking achievement to rewards are all essential parts of achieving success. Counter-productively, having so many strategies can be so overwhelming that you don’t do anything at all. To simplify things, let’s look [...]

How to get lucky in business …

We all know them … ‘lucky people’. As business owners they find the most effective employees, they snag the best opportunities, and they seem to work with the best clients. As any ‘lucky’ person will tell you though, there is a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes to create their luck. That [...]

How to get a referral-based business

The best way to get a referral-based business is simple: Do a good job! When your customers are happy with your product or service, chances are they will talk about you to other people they know. When those people use you, they’ll tell all their friends, and your customer base grows. But what if you [...]

Quick Guide: How To Improve Staff Performance

Are your team members lazy, unproductive, and unmotivated? Do they have a poor attitude? Do you wish someone would deal with them for you, so you can get on with growing your business? You’re not alone. The bigger your business becomes, the harder it can be to conduct the day-to-day management of team members. You [...]

The Top 5 Things You Need To Succeed In Business

What Got You Here Won't Get You There ... Your current knowledge, goals, skills, experience and actions have created the business you have today. If you are dissatisfied with any aspect of your business, you need to change something to get a different result. Albert Einstein is famously quoted as saying: "Insanity is doing the [...]

How To Plan Like a Pro

Do you want a better plan for yourself and your business? Do you have big dreams and goals but never seem to achieve them? Do you prioritise and put things on your to-do list, but they still don’t get done? The photo below shows how one of our most successful clients has mastered the art [...]

Get Back In Control Of Your Business!

Focusing on what you can control, not what you can’t, is essential in business. Economy dragging? Industry downturn? Lack of consumer confidence? All these things are out of your control. What is in your control is what you do in those situations. Some business owners seem to sink into what they feel is the inevitable [...]

Fed up with staff mistakes?

Mistakes!! We all make them. Sometimes they are the best way to learn, especially when starting out in business. Often you don’t know who your best clients are, for example, until you work with several who aren’t. Another common mistake when starting out is to try to be everything to everybody, rather than finding a [...]

How Confidence Gets You The Sale

I recently heard a radio DJ get in touch with celebrity Kim Kardashian at her Sydney hotel. Of course there is nothing unusual about a DJ speaking to someone famous – except in this instance he didn’t have her number, had no appointment, and had made up a fake story and identity. His goal? To [...]

Got GRIT? Why it’s the key to success…

I recently had the opportunity to meet with Christie Dawes, Australian Paralympic wheelchair racing athlete. Christie’s story is truly inspirational. Christie has one thing that all successful people have. It’s called GRIT. Grit is displayed in characteristics such as: Determination Dedication Gutsiness Stamina In Christie’s speech, she detailed how like all successful athletes of her [...]

Are you too impatient in business?

A wonderful client of ours stated recently that she’s impatient. That wasn’t big news … many of the business owners we work with are. In fact, it’s one of the things that drives them to success. But this particular business owner gave the analogy that she’d been planting seeds, only to dig them up two [...]

Say it and it may as well be true…

You’ve probably heard the saying that what you say to yourself, about yourself, when you’re by yourself, are the most powerful words you will ever say. They can also be the most dangerous. Your subconscious mind makes up around 90% of all your thought processes. Part of your subconscious mind, the Reticular Activating System (RAS), [...]

How can a business coach help me?

What will you get from working with a business coach?  There are three main areas of focus when working with us … mindset, knowledge, and accountability. We’ll make sure you have the right attitude for success, have the knowledge you need to get you there, and we’ll make sure you get it done! Throughout your [...]

Are you going about life the long way around?

So often we hear the lament “It’s only Wednesday … I wish the weekend would hurry up!” And of course, we have all felt the Sunday night blues, where the thought of going back to work or to your own business is so depressing you just want to curl up under the donna and close [...]

It’s not what you know, but what you do with what you know

In business, it’s not what you know that matters, it’s what you do. You may have a Harvard MBA, but if you don’t use what you know, it won’t help your business. And in everyday life, we all know the importance of exercise and various types of activity we should do, but that knowledge alone [...]

How to get your team inspired

TEAMWORK is essential for the success of any business, and having a clear direction and common cause is the best way to inspire it. Many business owners start their business with a definite purpose in mind, yet as the months and years go by, they lose their focus. And a business owner without direction is [...]

There’s no shortcut to success

Too often we see it … people who want to take the shortest route to success. We are all for doing more with less, but we also know the risks of growing a business too quickly without solid preparation. You wouldn’t run a race without adequate conditioning and training, nor would you build a house [...]

Are you stuck with no choices? Think again …

We’ve all been there … feeling stuck, and as if we don’t have a choice about something. Trapped and constrained, we either complain about our situation, or sadly accept our lot in life and get more and more discouraged. But if you feel like you’re in a situation in which you don’t have a choice, [...]

How to Deal With Customer Complaints

If you’re in business, you’ve probably had one or more disgruntled customers complaining about your product or service (unless you’re perfect, in which case we applaud you!). You’ve no doubt heard the saying that an unhappy customer tells 20 people about their experience. And in this age of social media, an online complaint can reach [...]

Are you constantly compared on price alone?

Are you often contacted by prospective customers whose first question is “how much?” Do you feel that customers in your industry are only looking for the best price, and that they choose the cheapest quote without regard to the quality of the product or service? Without realising it, you may be indirectly contributing to this. [...]

How to get business help…

Do you know people who have experienced incredible challenges in their life, yet retain a positive attitude and expectation of great things to come? And do you know others who seem to be unable to handle the slightest inconvenience that puts their day out of order? We do. And we know which ones are most [...]

Are you running out of willpower?

Do you have goals for your business, your fitness, your health, your family, and your personal development? Do you sometimes feel that you just don’t have the willpower required to achieve them all? Do you sometimes ‘blow out’ in one area, then decide to chuck it all in? Believe it or not, research shows that [...]

If you don’t believe in yourself, how can you expect anyone else to?

Do you sometimes find that you have doubts about your ability or self worth? Does a quiet voice of insecurity inside your head sometimes ask “can I really do this?”. Even when we have all the skills required to do something, we can find ourselves wondering if we really have what it takes. But in [...]

Leave it at the door!!

Do you have days when you don’t feel like getting out of bed? Days when you don’t feel like dealing with your suppliers, colleagues, or even customers … even though you know they are the lifeblood of your business? These feelings can sometimes stem from worry. It’s natural to feel anxious or concerned about aspects [...]

What do you believe in?

At Yellow Coaching, we believe in the responsibility and contribution that businesses make in shaping a local community. We believe that when business owners reach their full potential, they change the lives of their families, their employees and their families, and everyone who comes into contact with them. We believe that through education we can [...]

How will you reward yourself this year?

If you’re like most successful business people we know, you rarely take the time to sit back and appreciate all that you’ve achieved. “Next!” is probably your catch-cry, and you are always looking for the next great client, the next goal to smash, the next milestone to reach. Christmas is a time for giving, and [...]

How To Make Marketing Easy!

One of the most common mistakes business owners make with their marketing is thinking that marketing is just about “getting their name out there”. While it’s definitely necessary for people to know about you to use your products or services, that is not all that marketing is about! We see too many businesses well known [...]

Is Your Subconscious Sabotaging Your Success?

Your subconcious has a huge impact on your reality. In fact, your subconscious represents 90 percent of your thinking. We believe that the things you say: to yourself about yourself when you’re by yourself … can either make or break your success. Let us show you how it works. Ask great questions Your Reticular Activating System, or RAS, [...]

What price will you pay to reach your goals?

We are often asked about the difference between dreams and goals. In short, a dream may make you think, “wouldn’t it be nice one day if …”, and goals are dreams with a deadline. For example, you may say that one day you’d like to travel in space. We’d call that a dream. However, if you [...]

5 Traits of Successful People

In our work with successful business leaders, we notice many traits they share. Here are just a few: 1. They Eat A Live Frog For Breakfast No, not literally, but as Brain Tracy explains in “Eat That Frog: 21 Great Ways to Stop Procrastinating and Get More Done In Less Time”, we all have a […]

How To Delegate To Your Team

As outlined in recent news posts, there are four essential habits of effective managers which save businesses time and money, build excellent relationships in the workplace, and improve team effectiveness. The most effective managers: 1. Know their people exceptionally well, 2. Constantly talk to them about their performance, 3. Continually ask for more performance, and 4. Delegate […]

How To Get Improved Performance From Your Team

As outlined in recent news posts, there are four essential habits of effective managers which save businesses time and money, build excellent relationships in the workplace, and improve team effectiveness. The most effective managers: 1. Know their people exceptionally well, 2. Constantly talk to them about their performance, 3. Continually ask for more performance, and 4. Delegate [...]

How To Give Effective Feedback To Your Team

There are four essential habits of effective managers which save businesses time and money, build excellent relationships in the workplace, and improve team effectiveness. The most effective managers: 1. Know their people exceptionally well, 2. Constantly talk to them about their performance, 3. Continually ask for more performance, and 4. Delegate exceptionally well. We recently [...]

How To Maximise Use Of Your Most Valuable Asset

What is your most valuable asset? It’s not money, it’s time. You can make more money, however once time is gone you can never have it back again. We all have the same amount of time each week: 168 hours, 10,080 minutes, or 604,800 seconds. So why is it that some of us achieve so much [...]

Choose your level of business success

We are often asked, “For how long will I need a business coach?” We counter this question with another: “For how long does a professional athlete require a sports coach?” Just like in sports, in business you choose the level at which you play the game. To achieve peak performance, you need training. And no […]

The First of 4 Essential Habits of Effective Managers

Get Great Results From Your Team! Effective managers don’t have a great relationship with their team. They have excellent relationships with individuals on their team. No two employees are the same, and a “one size fits all” management approach is grossly ineffective. Each employee works at a different pace, and will have different requirements regarding […]

How To Retire Rich…

Our great friends from Tailored Wealth and Club Financial Services Maitland have teamed up to provide a free information seminar on borrowing to invest into residential property using your superannuation assets. Don’t miss this invaluable information seminar to be held in East Maitland and Muswellbrook on 29th and 30th October 2012…click the link below for […]

How To Get Your Motivation Back…

At Yellow Executive Business Coaching, we work with business owners and leaders on all areas of business mastery. If you want peak performance from yourself and your business, you’ve come to the right place. Some business leaders who come to see us have lost their passion for being in business. They started out with huge [...]

What Happens If I Train My Staff And They Leave?

It’s a question that we sometimes get asked by clients that leaves us baffled. Whilst many answers come to mind, the most obvious one is: “What happens if you don’t train them and they stay?” We often hear business owners say that their staff is their greatest asset.  That’s great to hear because I’m sure [...]

$70,000 extra per annum…

That’s how much one of our clients identified they could be saving per year just by improving simple systems in their business … systems such as recording processes for trainees, and creating simple flow charts for everyday tasks. In just one coaching session this business owner identified simple ways to reduce his cost of inefficiency, […]

Grow Your Business … and do less

How would you like to grow your business but actually DO less? Is that even possible? Yes it is possible … with leverage. By definition, leverage means doing more with less. There are four main ways to get leverage in your business: 1. People 2. Systems 3. Marketing 4. Finance Let’s talk about leverage through [...]

The first step to exceeding customer expectations…

In business, we all know that it’s important to not only meet the expectations of our customers and clients, but to exceed those expectations. This is the difference between being satisfactory and exceptional. You may do this by under-promising and over-delivering, and ensuring you do those unexpected little extra things to delight your customers. But before you [...]

What makes you unique?

When marketing your business, it’s essential to educate your potential clients and customers on what sets you apart from your competitors. What do you do differently? When coming up with your answer, make sure it’s something that is exciting for your customers. If you’re a stationery store with the biggest range of pencil sharpeners you are [...]

Thinking of selling your business?

We can help. Mark Bouris, Executive Chairman of Yellow Brick Road, says that at any one time, half of the 2.75 million small business owners in Australia (who he calls “the engine of our economy”) are considering selling. Whether this is the culmination of a well-thought out plan or the result of sheer frustration, there [...]

Commitment: Do you have what it takes to succeed?

To be successful in business, you need commitment. That includes commitment to your business education, commitment to doing the work required to get the level of success you want, and commitment to seeing it through. At Yellow, we know that the quality of the results we get is directly related to the quality of our [...]

Make Less Decisions

Every decision you make saps a little bit of energy from your body. Say you’re trying to avoid donuts. If the first thing you see when you wake up is a donut, it’s pretty easy to make the decision to not eat the donut. But by mid-morning when you’ve decided what to wear, what to […]

FREE Coaching Session

What’s stopping you from getting the results you want in your business? To find out what’s standing between you and the business you want, register for your FREE business coaching session today. During this hour-long session, your business coach will help you discover ways to improve your business in any area you choose – profit, [...]

It’s begun!

Today we held the first session of our new group coaching program. We are so excited to start working with local business owners dedicated to improving their businesses! One of our first discussions was around participation. Signing up for a business education program to improve your business is a great first step, but it’s the […]

1 Simple Way To Increase Your Business Profits…

As a business owner, you are well aware of the products and services your business offers. You may even have a comprehensive business plan which outlines what you are selling, which products and services are in demand from your customers, how your product or service will benefit your customers, and what is different about what you […]

How To Get Your Customers to WANT To Buy From You

What’s Your Mantra?  Knowing your “WHY” in business is essential for your business success. People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it. When people believe in your company they will WANT to buy from you. Your WHY incorporates your beliefs, vision, mission, and purpose. To work out your WHY, ask yourself these questions: […]

Do your staff work for your business, or for your money?

We are helping many clients this month with recruitment – March seems to be a busy time for staff moving on. When it comes to recruiting, developing and retaining staff, the importance of having clear Vision and Values for your business is evident. Your Vision and Values is your “Why”. Who are you and why […]

Business Education Program: Register Now!

Registrations are now open for our Business Education Program commencing Wednesday 2nd May! This group coaching program is for Business Owners and Managers who want increased success in their business. Whether you have just started in business or have been in business for many years, if you want to achieve great results this program is for [...]

Try Something New

This morning I did something I never do. I got up at 5am to exercise. I’m usually a night owl, pounding the treadmill pavement at 9pm. For me it proved that all the reasons I thought I couldn’t get up early were just that … reasons and excuses. Not reality. The kids didn’t wake up, […]

Barbeques Galore Maitland: Giving Back To The Community

We love promoting businesses we love to deal with, whether they are clients, business associates, or those whose services we use to run our business. We have listed some of these businesses asFriends on our website. Today we’d love to give a shout out to Barbeques Galore Maitland, who on Wednesday hosted a charity BBQ Cooking [...]

Book Your Complimentary Business Review & Diagnostic Session

Maximise the Potential of Your Business! To build a bigger and better business there are some essential questions you should ask yourself about your business. Do you know how many potential clients you attract? How many leads do you convert into clients? How much does a client spend each time they buy from you? How […]

Stay On Target With Your Goals

Did you make New Year’s Resolutions this year? How are they working out for you? Perhaps you made a decision that this year you would exercise more, spend more time with your family, or spend a certain number of hours per week working on your business instead of just in it. And perhaps despite your [...]

How to Manage Difficult People (That Includes Your Customers!)

Save the date for this new half-day workshop: Friday 9th March We are pleased to announce our upcoming new half-day workshop: How to Manage Difficult People (That Includes Your Customers!). Executive Business Coach Andrew Masi will share essential leadership skills and management tools for making those challenging relationships work. Don’t miss out on this morning of […]

Create Your 2012!

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.” – Peter Drucker The new year has begun, whether we are ready for it or not! If there’s one thing that we know, it’s that the only failure in life is the failure to participate. Turn up, be involved, and have fun. Give 100% […]

Perfect Practice Makes Perfect …

In every business, there are things that could be improved with better management of time, team or money. But if you have challenges in those areas, doing more of what you’ve always done will just get you more of what you’ve always got. As the great football coach Vince Lombardi said, “Just because you’re doing […]

Make time for fun in 2012!

It’s December, and naturally our thoughts are on all that needs to be done to wrap up 2011. Also on our minds here at Yellow are our goals for next year. Do you have big dreams for success in 2012? Also top of our minds this festive season is the importance of having FUN in all that we [...]

Merry Christmas!

We wish all our clients, associates and friends a wonderful holiday season. Thanks for letting us be part of your success this year. We look forward to seeing you in 2012 – it’s going to be a great year! From Andrew & Julianne Posted by julianne, 22/12/11

Why Management Training?

Simply being in a management role does not necessarily give managers the skills required to manage their team effectively. While some managers are ‘natural leaders’, others are brought up through the ranks of the business from technical roles. While they may be brilliant in their area of expertise, many find that being a manager is […]

Luck … or effort and reward?

Why is it that we sometimes see successful people as ‘lucky’? We assume that they’ve had better opportunites than us, or greater assistance, or were just in the right place at the right time. My experience is that there’s usually much more behind people’s success than just luck. Someone once said that the trouble with […]

Coaching Tip: Success – What does it take?

With many clients this month we are focussing on the importance of taking immediate, decisive action to get RESULTS – and yes, that takes courage, determination and self-discipline. What are the secrets to success? According to Anthony Robbins, it’s simple: “The secret of success is … that there is no secret. It’s called work your [...]

Proudly Supporting McHappy Day!

Andrew Masi is proud to once again support McHappy Day! This Saturday, November 12, please visit Andrew from 2pm at McDonalds on Molly Morgan Drive in East Maitland, and buy as many Big Macs as you can. $2 from every Big Mac purchase goes directly to funding Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC). This year the [...]

Success is relative: Will you get the success you want?

We love this quote from “Building a Better You” by Larry Latimer. Our clients will know it as the Elmo audio! “The more you want of anything, the higher the price will be. Success is relative. If you don’t want much success at all, don’t pay any price, and you’ll be there. If you want […]

Get Great Results From Your Team!

Coaching Tip: The One-On-One As attendees at our recent workshop learned, there are 4 essential Habits of Effective Managers which save businesses time and money, build excellent relationships in the workplace, and improve team effectiveness. The 4 Habits of Effective Managers are: 1. They know their people exceptionally well 2. They constantly talk to them […]

Play-Wel for Mai-Wel

On Thursday 27th October Andrew Masi and the team from Rutherford Electrical Engineering Services will be participating in Play-Wel for Mai-Wel, a fun corporate sports day for local businesses to get involved and show their support for the Mai-Wel Group. Banter and rivalry has already begun between the local teams, who are all eager for [...]

Client Annual Conference, July 2011

Thank you to everyone who attended our Annual Client Conference. What a great day of assessing our values, prioritising, dreaming big, and putting an action plan in place. We are looking forward to working with you to achieve your goals and turn those dreams into reality! A huge thank you to Justin Norris, Olympic and [...]

Challenge Completed!

Andrew Masi has completed Les Dix Alpes! What an achievement. In his own words: “The final day done. Puget to Nice. 116kms with 1500m of climbing. So much for a flat day. It’s been a beautiful journey & a pleasure to do it with my mates. From Como to Nice over 10 Hors Categorie Alps. [...]

Andrew Masi on Alpe d’Huez

Andrew has almost completed Les Dix Alpes! Below is a link to his latest video updates, in which he realises his long held goal of riding the most famous mountain road of the Tour de France, Alpe d’Huez. Andrew is participating in this intense physical challenge to raise much-needed funds for the Oncology Children’s Foundation. [...]

Andrew Masi’s Progress on Les Dix Alpes

Andrew has just completed Day 6 of Les Dix Alpes, his ten day cycling challenge in Europe in support of the Oncology Children’s Foundation. Andrew has been busy taking short videos each day of the ride. Visit our YouTube channel here to keep up to date. As you will hear on the videos, Andrew is [...]

Update: Andrew’s Les Dix Alpes Challenge

Andrew has completed Day 2 of Les Dix Alpes, his 10 day cycling challenge through Europe to raise money for the Oncology Children’s Foundation. On day 2 he traversed the Simplon Pass from Italy to Switzerland – 116kms with 2536m of climbing and a top altitude of 2005m. Click below to view Andrew’s videos: Andrew [...]

Supporting a Champion: Mel Sexton

Yellow Executive Business Coaching is proud to support local triathlete Melanie Sexton. Mel is a highly motivated and ambitious 23 year old who has a goal of representing Australia at the summer Olympics in London 2012 and Rio de Janeiro in 2016. As part of preparation and training to achieve this goal, Melanie will compete [...]

Andrew’s Challenge: Les Dix Alpes

Those of you who have visited our new office will know that Andrew’s dream of owning an office with a gym is now a reality. Andrew’s intense training is preparing him for an emotional and physical challenge that will combine two of his passions – cycling and giving. From 20th June to 1st July Andrew [...]

We have moved!

After months in the planning, we are pleased to announce that Yellow Executive Business Coaching has moved to bigger and brighter premises! We are now located in a beautiful section of the historic Morpeth community. We have had fun choosing paint colours and furniture, and are enjoying the extra space. Andrew (the coffee connoisseur) has ensured [...]

Welcoming Xavier Ryan Masi!

It is with great excitement that we announce the arrival of the newest member of the Masi family! Andrew and Allanna welcomed a son, Xavier Ryan Masi, at 4:58am on Sunday 16th January. He is 3650g (or 8lb 1oz) and 53cm long. Both Allanna and Xavier are healthy and happy, and Alessandra is excited to have [...]

Welcome to our website!

We are thrilled to have our Yellow website up and running! Thanks to our friends Abby and Clare at Neon Zoo for making it happen. Thanks also to Cherie of Cherie Misson Photography for taking the corporate photos of us for the site. Watch this space for news of what we’re up to at Yellow, […]

This Saturday is McHappy Day!

McHappy Day is a great day where we aim to raise a lot of money for some kids and families out there who need our help. If you’re in the Maitland area, please come along to Greenhills McDonald’s where I’ll be making a nuisance of myself behind the counter from 12pm. Thankfully, I’ll be joined [...]