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Yellow’s business consulting, mentoring and education will provide you with guidance, support, encouragement, strategies, tools, and accountability to get you the success you’ve always wanted in your business.

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business coaching, mentoring & consulting

Yellow’s mentoring for business owners is a step-by-step process designed to help you achieve your business goals. By achieving your business goals, this program helps your business deliver on your personal and lifestyle goals. Meeting with your advisor once every two weeks, you will address the needs and goals of your business in a targeted, focused way.

This program will provide you with success strategies targeted at your specific business needs. You will be given advice, tools, education and accountability which will allow you to grow and master your business.

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executive & managers mentoring

This is our top tier program for executives and managers of larger organisations. We work with each individual to improve their leadership and management skills, to promote growth in their career and to ensure they are using their skills to their full potential. We will work with one, several, or all leaders in your organisation on an individual or group basis.

leadership programs and business management training Newcastle

The toughest role in any business is that of the middle manager. You have to focus on delivering the objectives of the business owner, plus manage the personalities and tasks of people who report to you. And simply being in a management role does not necessarily give managers the skills required to manage their team effectively! While some managers are ‘natural leaders’, others are brought up through the ranks of the business from technical roles. While they may be brilliant in their area of expertise, many find that being a manager is a different ballgame.

Managers need specialised people skills, excellent communication, and a clear management strategy. Most importantly, they need the confidence that they have the right and responsibility to manage their team.

Too often managers are unsure how to manage difficult behaviours, and instead of addressing these, they choose to do nothing, hoping the situation will rectify itself over time. This condones poor performance and can result in frustration for team members who are performing well.

In our Habits of Effective Managers Leadership and Management Program we discuss why managers must manage their team, outline the results of not managing teams effectively, and give step-by-step instructions to encourage the best performance from your team.

We’ll discuss the very real difference between leadership and management, and the difference between being assertive and micro-managing. Attendees will leave with The 4 Habits of Effective Managers that are essential for building a great team and successful business.

The 4 Habits of Effective Managers are:

1. Relationship (they know their people exceptionally well)

The key to building great team relationships is communication. We’ll show you how to conduct weekly One on One Meetings with direct reports to facilitate excellent relationships with your team, improve performance, build teamwork, and reduce workday interruptions for both the manager and the employee.

2. Feedback (they constantly talk to them about their performance)

We’ll discuss why managers don’t give feedback, why praise alone doesn’t work, and most importantly we’ll give you step-by-step instructions on how to give feedback effectively. Then we’ll practice it until we get it right!

3. Coaching (they constantly ask for more performance)

The purpose of coaching your team is to encourage improved effectiveness. We’ll show you how to get your team involved in setting goals for the business and following through until those goals are accomplished.

4. Delegation (they delegate exceptionally well)

Delegation creates future leaders and managers in your business, and gives your team authority and accountability. It also gives you time to work on your business, not just in it. We’ll discuss why you need to delegate, what to delegate, and how to delegate.

Our workshops are highly interactive.  The rules that we set at each workshop are that we are all responsible for our behaviour, that we agree to participate, we agree to encourage other’s ideas and that we must have fun. The more fun we have, the more we remember, learn and implement. Also, it’s one of the Points of Culture in our business so to not do so, we will be in breach!

We are pleased to offer flexible delivery methods to suit the needs of your team and your business.

tailored team training & workshops

In addition to the above program, we are able to create training specifically for your organisation. Our clients include the Royal Australian Air Force, Roads and Maritime Services, Office of State Revenue, National Australia Bank, Interflora, Stockland, and Mai-Wel.

We designed a series of one-day training workshops for over 200 Staff and Managers at Revenue NSW across NSW designed specifically to help them improve:

  • Productivity and results
  • Morale and team culture
  • Internal and external communication
  • Innovation and growth

Here is just some of the feedback we received from participants:

“You should be cloned. All people could benefit from doing this course.” – Maria

“I have done similar workshops when I was a manager at another large organisation, and this would be the best I have attended.” – Kaye

“You couldn’t improve this workshop for next time. How can you improve on excellent?” – Adele

“Andrew and Julianne are great presenters and swept me up in their motivation, leaving me to think of ways to implement some of the things I learned today. DiSC was a fabulous topic!”

“An excellent workshop. Everything in the workshop was very helpful.” – Stevie

“This is the best workshop I’ve ever been to. There was lots of valuable information and the presentation was very professional.” – Craig

“This has given me knowledge about how to deal with people with different styles in a way that suits them. Each and every topic was interesting and full of knowledge. I absolutely loved it. A very informative workshop and the presenters were very switched on and very motivated.” – Veenu

“This workshop was great! My staff and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The content was very appropriate for our organisation, and can be used for our workplace and home lives.” – Kayte

“This workshop left everyone empowered to make workplace life better – positivity spread.” – Dale

“An excellent workshop. It reinforced how everyone is different, and taught us how to accept and deal with change and different attitudes.” – Nicole

“The most exciting thing I learned was that it’s okay to be different. I also learned how to adjust my behaviour when dealing with others who have different values and priorities than mine. This workshop was fantastic.” – Julie

“I learned more effective ways to interact with people, and also how to de-stress and not worry about things I have no control over.” – Alan

“I can now identify different behaviours and personality types, and know how I react can affect an outcome. The workshop was interesting and engaging.” – Patricia

“I learned how to respond and react (or not react) to situations. I got most value from information on positive thinking, and understanding other peoples’ truths.” – Kirsty

“Excellent presentation. It reinforced the way I look at my own behaviour, and being able to stop worrying about behaviour that’s out of my control and influence. Also the realisation that I can improve my skills outside of work. It also gave my enthusiasm a boost.” – Michael

“I found this workshop excellent, and will definitely put components into action. The most exciting thing was learning how to give affirming feedback.” – Hayley

“I learned how to empower individuals to resolve the issues they raise, and language suitable for providing feedback.” – Robyn

“The three most valuable things I got from today are: The need to recognise that we are all different. Don’t hold onto preconceived ideas and beliefs. Respect other people’s differences and work with them.” – Karen

“This workshop was interesting and entertaining. I learned how to deal with and accept change, which is inevitable. I learned to be a bit more aware of different people and how to treat them.” – Sharna

“Well facilitated and well presented. Thank you.” – Celie

“I learned that a combination of people are needed to make up a team, and we all have attributes of different DiSC types. An excellent workshop.” – Tricia

“This workshop was excellent and current. The choice of external professional trainers/presenters provided a high degree of trust in the content and examples, and that the presenters have real experience in the field.” – Daniel

“It was valuable to understand the “iceberg” and that the values, beliefs, environment etc of others are not visible to me, but only the other person’s behaviour is.” – Samantha

“I loved the no-BS approach. Loved the positive focus and owning our individual behaviour, being the best I can be and expecting that from others.” – Marnie

“I learned how to deal with frustrations – get clear on my expectations, communicate them, get agreement, and have consequences. The most exciting things I learned are about the gratitude jar, and 21 ‘I am statements’. Excellent workshop.” – Anna

“This was valuable new and renewed learning. Thank you for sharing this knowledge. I’m excited for the change that is occurring, and will continue to occur.” – Susan

Here is some other recent feedback from our workshop participants:

“These workshops were very valuable in learning effective ways to liaise with other people while being mindful of their behavioural traits. 9/10 for information content and style of presentation.” – Maria, RAAF

“I learned the importance of delegating correctly, and using company values as the basis for expected behaviours. Understanding DISC, I can now tailor my behaviour to individuals’ needs. I also know what it means to be a member of The First Team, and how that fits into overall objectives.” – Norm, Mai-Wel

“I learned strategies for managing time and frustration. I have a greater understanding of DISC and how to apply it to everyday life. Rule: Treat others as they would like to be treated.” – Margaret, Mai-Wel

“This workshop was awesome. I loved DISC. I now know ways to not try to solve everyone’s problems and can encourage staff to be part of the solution. I’m excited to take this back to the office.” – Katrina, Mai-Wel

“This workshop was relevant to our business and contained good examples and information. A good reminder that some intuitive things can be lost through inactivity.” – Noel, Mai-Wel

“I got valuable tips and tricks for priority management. I really enjoyed the entire session – so much to take away.” – Bradie, Mai-Wel

To discuss how your business can benefit from Yellow Coaching’s existing or tailored training programs, please contact us for more information. We look forward to making your next training roar, not snore!

keynote speaker Newcastle

Looking for a dynamic international speaker for your next event? Andrew Masi delivers powerful presentations that combine education, insight, motivation and humour.

Andrew has been a keynote speaker at several International and Asia-Pacific conferences. Andrew’s local speaking engagements have included Chambers of Commerce meetings and various corporate training events for businesses including Hunter Water, Mai-Wel, Healing Wave Chiropractic, Office of State Revenue, and facilitation of events for Roads and Maritime Services.

To find out more about having Andrew as a motivational speaker who will educate, inspire and entertain attendees at your next event, contact us on (02) 4933 6622 or email success@yellowcoaching.com.au.

Andrew Masi presenting at a recent Asia-Pacific Coaching Industry Conference

workshop presentation and facilitation

Yellow is able to present at, or facilitate, your next business workshop.

In addition to conducting regular public workshops, we can tailor a presentation to your requirements.

Would you like to train your team to communicate more effectively, or hold a business planning workshop for your executives? Would you like your team to work with you to increase your sales and profitability? Educational workshops can be based on topics including, but not limited to:

  • How to get the most out of Employees and Colleagues;
  • The Art of Delegation;
  • Behavioural Styles using DISC;
  • Communication;
  • Business Planning;
  • Increasing your Profitability;
  • Increasing your Sales;
  • How to run Effective Meetings; and
  • How to give Effective Feedback.

We conduct highly interactive workshops, not seminars! The rules that we set at each workshop are that we are all responsible for our behaviour, that we agree to participate, we agree to encourage others’ ideas and that we must have FUN. The more fun we have, the more we remember, learn and implement. Having fun is one of our company values, so to not do so, we will be in breach!

Ready to make your next event a success?

Here are some comments on our recent Habits of Effective Managers Revisited workshop:

“I gained excellent value out of this workshop and valuable skills to be a better manager.” –Tracey Short, KCE

“I learned how to maintain relationships with employees and how to implement them into achieving results.” – Ben Kiernan, Total Drilling

“I gained confidence with the “nuts and bolts” – what words and actions create an effective manager.” – Will Mason, Pinnacle Team Events

Andrew Masi introducing the Habits of Effective Managers Workshop:

Andrew Masi presenting to the Maitland Business Chamber in 2021 – How to get an inspired, empowered and high-functioning team in your business

team training

While you are focusing on the profitability of your business, we can train your team, giving them to skills to help your business succeed. We work with organisations in all sectors – from government departments, associations, and large private businesses – to ensure their team has the right attitude and skills for success.

We can tailor the training to your needs. You may require short individual sessions, group training, or large seminar-style workshops. Your team may need emotional intelligence training to boost morale, sales training to boost business profit, or  communications training to improve customer service and workflow. Let us know what you need and we’ll work with you to get it done.