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Working with business owners and their teams through business coaching and mentoring, we have seen our clients achieve some incredible results:

Phil Hitchcock – Australian Environmental Auditors

Great minds agree that achieving success in business takes a good 5-7 years of dedication. Phil Hitchcock of Australian Environmental Auditors has shown just how much can be achieved in this relatively short time.

Phil came to us as an employee of a larger organisation almost 7 years ago. In the early stages of coaching with Andrew, Phil decided to take the leap from employee to employer, and started his own environmental consulting business, Australian Environmental Auditors.

In 5 short years Phil has grown this business to a nationwide concern, with four offices across Australia and 19 dedicated employees. He also now has a business partner to share the load and risk. This growth has occurred in spite of numerous hurdles thrown in his path which he has turned into opportunities rather than roadblocks.

Phil’s ability to dream big and achieve goals is phenomenal, and he is consistently updating his bucket list and raising the bar. Phil’s firm belief that working harder on himself than he does on his business has been essential to his success.

While working with us, Phil has achieved goals including buying a farm, cycling the classic alps of Europe, setting up a passive income stream and ensuring his kids aren’t afraid to have goals.

On Phil’s bucket list 6 years ago was to become a winemaker. Last year Phil achieved that goal, with his first production of “Wines of Intensity”. Phil is also on his way to becoming a wine judge, recently completing an advanced wine sensory evaluation course. A brewery is next on the list.

We are extremely proud to be associated with Phil and want to congratulate him on all he has achieved in such a short time.

The business success on its own is not what drives Phil, but his genuine desire to be the best family member, employer, friend, and winemaker he can be. What drives us as coaches is seeing clients like Phil living the best life they can.

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Congratulations Phil on your success, and thank you for being an inspiration to so many people.

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Here is feedback from just some of the amazing business owners we have had the pleasure to work with:

I was always confident that Andrew and his team were going to be the right choice in business consulting for our firm but wow, what a difference in one year.  Our profit increased 792%!

Andrew is like a GPS for your business.  You set the destination (your goals) and off you go.  Along the way there are always obstacles, diversions and challenges.  Sometimes you may even get lost but Andrew is there to help you, give you another direction if need be, encourage you to speed up or slow down when necessary.  In the end, you will always get to your direction quicker than you would have without him and his team.

Thanks again Andrew.  Your knowledge, commitment and passion are second to none.
– Matthew Tranter, Principal

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Bombora Coffee & Water Supplies

Yellow Coaching provided our management and staff with the tools to communicate better, be more effective at goal setting and really push ourselves to better. As a business owner I was cautious in making the decision about bringing in business coaching and chose Yellow Coaching based on a recommendation. It ended up being a great choice for us. Having Yellow Coaching here took a lot of pressure off me personally in ensuring that we were affectively addressing many aspects of the development of the managers and their teams. It also ticked a few boxes in terms of working on ‘best practice’ in the management of human beings. It has also been a great cultural health check and we consider Yellow Coaching to be as an important part of our business as any of our staff. Our whole team loved having them here & they looked forward to every visit.  I also liked the regular feedback from them and accountability for setting and achieving goals.
– Bernard Peters, Managing Director

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Barbeques Galore Maitland & Barbeques Galore Lakehaven

Looking back over the year we have certainly taken some huge steps in our business. With the guidance of Andrew we have implemented a loyalty program that has increased our number of transactions by 20%. We have also increased our conversion rate significantly by introducing follow up systems and more effective training and management of our sales team.

Our lead generation has increased by our focus on marketing activities, which has strengthened our brand and name as a local iconic retailer. A huge change in our business was the establishment of an offsite logistics and warehouse facility, which involved the introduction of new IT infrastructure and the development of internal and inter-site systems. Our accomplishments led us to win the Barbeques Galore National Franchisee of The Year Award, and increased our turnover by 10% despite the challenging retail environment.”
– Ben Newcombe, Cameron Drake-Brockman, and Matthew Newcombe, Owners

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Australian Environmental Auditors

I started a new business from scratch in late January 2010. In the first four months of trading I returned a 40% net profit EBITDA. In dollar terms this profit is equal to that of my previous business, which had six staff compared to my opening staff level of three.

In working with Andrew we have improved our mastery and time management. Through concentrating on our A and B clients, this year our turnover has increased by 333%, and our profit increased by 200%.
– Phil Hitchcock, Principal

Coaching helped me transition from a large consultancy to small business, and helped me learn how to grow a smaller business. Coaching provided a regular focus point to reflect on how the business is performing and identify areas of improvement. The coaching was really useful.
– Jean Paul Pearce, Auditor

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Targeted Fitness

We needed help to move forward. I had ideas but just wasn’t sure how to put things into place. We were sitting on the same amount of ‘usable money’ in the bank for some time, and I thought perhaps we needed someone who could tell us what we were not doing, or what we could do better. We received guidance and support from day one.

The ideas started flowing from Julianne and she helped us set in place goals and milestones. We also benefitted from the accountability, mentoring, support, and having someone to bounce ideas off – someone who could look at things from an objective perspective. Our experience so far has been fantastic.
– Michelle and Todd Davis, Owners

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Hyden Engineering

During the past 12 months working with Andrew we have focused on product improvements. This work has led to the development of new and patented products which are expected to generate a major growth in sales.  Our turnover increased by 20% while profits increased by 50% for the year.
– Bob Ifield, Owner

Body Balance Physiotherapy & Pilates

We decided to begin business coaching as we had identified a need for direction and better understanding of basic business principles. We were expecting that we would receive guidance and help prioritising our goals from Julianne, as well as working out what our goals are and what is realistic. We were able to clearly identify key areas to work on immediately while scheduling other items in the calendar.

Other benefits we have received from coaching include confidence in decision-making, support, better understanding of our business structure, and how to identify needs and work on meeting them. We would recommend business coaching with Yellow Coaching to anyone, and do so whenever it comes up in conversation with friends and family.
– Hannah and Adam McKee, Owners

Neon Zoo

We have recently added a new team member to the ‘ZOO’ which Andrew has greatly assisted us with. Over the last year we have also focused on marketing which has led to an increase in our conversion rate and repeat business. Within less than a year our turnover increased by over 83%, and our profit by 152%.
– Abby Farmer and Clare Gleeson, Creative Directors

Stylewise Doors

This year Andrew has helped us with marketing, systems, improving our team, as well as achievements in controlling service and delivery aspects of our business. However our most significant gain was financial – by constantly reviewing our controls and focusing on our A and B customers – our operating profit increased by 1,830% compared to last year. Last but not least, personally keeping me goal orientated and focused.
– Rocco Polito, Manager and Owner

The George Tavern

What we have gained working with Andrew: A business consultant who adds to our business and lives by bringing a different mindset, different ideas and most importantly a different perspective on issues we have. These differences help us to vary our mindset, change ideas and improve our perspective. And all with a smile and a bit of fun!

What we have learned: Focus & Stop It!  In business you need a lot of differing knowledge sets.  Being in business can be overwhelming – you are a jack of all trades. It is easy to lose focus. Some things you have to let go, to improve your business and life. Andrew, you have helped us to stop some activities and our meetings help us to retain focus.

Recently Andrew mentored us through a full refurbishment of our hotel in just nine months, during which time we grew parts of the business by over 50% and increased turnover by 36%, despite having areas of the business closed for renovations.
– Dan & Janine Redman, Directors

Rare Meats

I was referred to Yellow Coaching by one of their clients who spoke very highly of Yellow and the team. At the time I was just starting my business and was working alone and needed some help and guidance.

Yellow is a fantastic team that adapts to each and everyone’s personality, business, budget and schedule. They are very professional and are shown a lot of respect by the community, both business and personally. They just know what they are doing when it comes to advice!
– Marty Leacy, Owner

Nichols Electrical Solutions

We recently began intentionally marketing our business with the help of Andrew. The results have been overwhelming. In four months our regular client base has nearly doubled, and we have quoted well over 50 jobs for new clients. Andrew has also worked with us on systems. The most outstanding system we have implemented in our business (all thanks to our coach) is our Budget and Sales Tracker. Targets for turnover and profit are clearly defined and a budget for the month set out. This system gets us all on the same page – we set the targets and are motivated to reach them.
– Carolyn Nichols, Owner

Giro Constructions

Over the last year we have seen great improvements in marketing. We refurbished our tendering system, improved estimating, and achieved a better dollar value for the same quality of work. Our conversion rate increased and we also saw an increase in repeat business. We currently have more work than we have ever had at one time.
– Antonio Macri and Chris Favaloro, Owners


I would definitely recommend Yellow Coaching to anyone looking for growth or change professionally and for businesses at any stage of their life cycle. There are always opportunities to improve the way we do things. Yellow Coaching are excellent at what they do! The coaching sessions helped me identify what was important to me, and by when to do them. I found ways to market our business and overcome shortfalls we were experiencing. I feel more relaxed but at the same time confident and focused on work to be done to achieve outcomes.
 – Maria Beux, Owner

Business Accelerator Program Feedback:

Archer Business Consulting

I wasn’t unsure about joining this course, as I know other business owners who have completed it. Julianne met with me beforehand and explained and confirmed the value. I enrolled to assist with refocusing on my business, and to use the support of Julianne and peers to re-visit business plans and goals, and put measures in place to take my business a step forward.

The Business Accelerator Program was a great reminder to make time for business growth and improvement tasks. Working systematically through the course content in its entirety will move my business to a new level, ensuring a goal-oriented, systemised, and profitable business. This course reinforced the importance of systems and the associated costs of inefficiencies.

For an 8 week course filled with so much content, this is excellent value. I would recommend the Busienss Accelerator Program to business owners who are uncertain how to grow their business profitably, new business owners starting out to ensure they start on the right footings, and business owners who want to view their business with a fresh set of eyes. I give this course 10/10 for information content, style of presentation, and applicability to my business.
 – Melissa Archer, Director

Complete Planning Solutions

Having been to a number of your free workshops I expected the training to be high quality. I was not disappointed. I enrolled because Yellow has a great reputation for helping their clients implement work practices which produce results. I was in need of guidance in how to operate my business more efficiently and effectively.

I give this course 10/10 for information content, style of presentation and applicability to my business. This course taught me the importance of procedures, and I now have the tools to implement a number of strategies within the workplace, including procedures, a culture statement, and marketing plan.

I would recommend this program to business owners as it gives an overview of what strategies can be implemented to help your business succeed.
– Karen Jurd, Owner

Rubix Realty

I decided to enrol in Yellow Coaching’s Business Accelerator Program to gain information and ideas on how to improve my business. I learnt a lot of ideas and concepts – some I’d heard before but never understood, and others I’d just never bothered to implement. The most exciting thing I learned is that it doesn’t have to be as hard to work on your business as you may think.

Before enrolling, I spoke to a previous graduate about the course, and her words were “worth every cent.” I agree with her.

I give this course 10 out of 10 for information content, style of presentation, and applicability to my business. I would recommend this course to business people just starting out and also those who’ve been in business for a while.
– Patrick Mears, Owner

Ten Zone Archery

We changed the focus of our business by accident – our online sales dropped, and by necessity our local sales increased. Meeting with Julianne and Andrew made us see this as an opportunity not misfortune. We grabbed a last-minute spot in the program – to get business coaching of this caliber locally when we needed it most was an opportunity not to be missed!

Yellow’s client testimonials online and in the information pack we were sent were very reassuring that we would get value from this program, as were Julianne and Andrew’s credentials. Meeting the Yellow team and discussing our business with them erased any doubts we might have had. These are positive enthusiastic people and are passionate about business coaching – we couldn’t ask for better than that!

Through this course I learned the power of written goals. I now know our gross margin is too low and we’re working to improve it. We now have a value and mission statement in place and we are working on our USP. We have a much better focus on our target market and how to make marketing impact with a low spend, making use of testimonials, turning leads into sales and then return sales. We’re working on systems to make sure everything runs smoothly, as we are now ready to employ another sales person.

As a business owner, you ‘know’ that knowledge is power and cash is king, and that small steps can make big changes, but until you actually ‘do’ it, it’s not clear. This program has given us the tools to grow our business, step-by-step – where previously the task seemed overwhelming.

Generally small business owners are not afraid of hard work, and anyone fitting into this category will get massive results from this program. Instead of getting stuck in a rut and getting nowhere fast, they will have the tools to break tasks down to their smallest parts, and all that energy and hard work will be channeled, directed, focused and planned!
– Louise West, Owner

YBI (Your Building Inspection)

I enrolled in Yellow Coaching’s program because I recognised the need to make some changes in our business so that we could move forward positively. The techniques and the systems that you have shown us to use have helped us make decisions in our business and move it to another level. The most exciting thing we learned was that small changes within the business can have a large impact.

Every Yellow Coaching workshop and seminar I’ve attended has been held in a positive environment and I’ve always found the information very helpful. I would recommend this program to anyone, whether they are the owner of a small or large business, as I believe there’s always room for knowledge and growth within their industry and their business.
– Nadene Thorpe, Owner


The value I have received from this program is massive. SafeAbility as a new business was lacking a full coordinated business management approach. The program has clearly identified the key components that I need to master for my business. In particular, it has forced me to face and conquer my weakest link, financial management.

I enrolled in the course because I want my business to be successful and sustainable because I am passionate about what we do. Additionally I want a comfortable lifestyle and need my business to deliver the financial rewards to enable that lifestyle.

The program has also introduced me to a variety of other resources to continue my education for business success. The most exciting thing that I learned is that I have a lot of skills already to manage my business well; I just didn’t fully understand how to ‘put it all together.’ My confidence in my own ability has expanded enormously.

I believe in lifelong learning. I expected to learn a great deal and I was not disappointed. I did not expect the major change in my thinking from ‘maybe I can do it’ to ‘I really can do this’ in such a short space of time.I will recommend this course to anyone I come across in business who is needing clearer direction on working on their business not just in their business.
– Caroline Burg, Owner

Enhanced HR

I really valued bouncing ideas and collaborating with other business owners during this course. I learned that whilst I’m doing well, having goals can make my business even better. This was a great course to help me get focussed.
– Vanessa Delforce, Managing Director

KLR Accounting

I enrolled in the Business Accelerator Program as I needed help to get on track. In business there is so much that we need to work on, but now I have an understanding of where to start. I’ve learned that there are so many tools available to assist me. I give this course 10/10. I would recommend this program to everyone – I have really found it to be beneficial.
– Kristie Rose, Owner

Country Brewer Maitland

I decided to enrol in this program after great referrals to Yellow Coaching and attending their seminars. I also received excellent info before joining the course. This program gave me tools to improve and put systems in place so I can move back from the business. The most exciting things I learned were around the cash gap, creating the business vision and values, segmenting my customer base, and systems. This is a great intro course jam packed full of great stuff. Perhaps a beer or two would add to the fun!
– Digga Griffiths, Owner


Somewhere over the last 6-12 months I felt I had lost my way with my business, and my career, and future. I needed something like this to help put me back on course. We are all “armchair experts” at running a business, but to really run it to its full potential, education such as this is one of the best ways of doing what needs to be done for the good of the business. This program helped me see what I am doing right, and also helped me ask the right questions to be able to plan ahead.
– Shane King, Owner

Port Stephens Eco Sports

During this last season, I feel we achieved the goals I set, which was to not only increase our profit margin, but to also become a more prominent business with a stronger foundation within the community. I need to thank you for your contribution to a successful season. There were several advices that were put into practice that helped us in various ways. Most of all, I feel that just joining your program gave me stronger confidence and motivation, and this was one of the key elements to a great season.
– Michael Hogg, Owner