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How to get lucky in business …

We all know them … ‘lucky people’.

As business owners they find the most effective employees, they snag the best opportunities, and they seem to work with the best clients. As any ‘lucky’ person will tell you though, there is a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes to create their luck.

That brilliant employee? To find them, the ‘lucky’ business owner carefully crafted a job description, shared their vision and values with recruitment candidates, and interviewed several prospects. They selected the right person based on attitude as well as skills. Once that person started work, they mentored them, ensured they had training, gave them feedback, and coached them to improve. They did performance reviews quarterly and met with them once a week to check on their progress.

How to get lucky in business … - get lucky in business

Those awesome clients? To get them, the business owner researched their target market and defined their ideal customer, networked every week, asked existing clients for referrals, wrote editorials in local publications, cold-called, held several information events, and helped other business owners through building strategic alliances.

Those lucky opportunities? Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity. They won the large contract because they were clear on their unique value proposition and how to communicate it. They found out their prospect’s pain points. They were constantly visible in front of the right people, gained their trust, and ensured they had the necessary skills to be able to service that client when the chance arose.

In business, most successful people are not just lucky. They just know what they want and work hard to get it. Are you one of them?

Posted by julianne, 29/7/15