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How To Plan Like a Pro

Do you want a better plan for yourself and your business? Do you have big dreams and goals but never seem to achieve them? Do you prioritise and put things on your to-do list, but they still don’t get done?

The photo below shows how one of our most successful clients has mastered the art of planning. There are 4 components:

1. A bucket list
2. A yearly plan
3. A 90 day plan
4. A list of “I am” statements

How To Plan Like a Pro - plan like a pro

Working with this business leader over the last 7 years, we’ve seen how this planning process has enabled him to excel in all areas of his life.

The key to his success is not only his detailed and systematic approach, but how he links his goals to his ‘why’ and ‘how’. He’s not only listing the goals he wants to achieve, but outlining the benefits of achieving these goals. Things such as sleeping better, improving stress, improving family relationships and simply having fun are listed in a column as the result of accomplishing his goals.

Another essential component to his success is his list of “I am” statements. These are simply statements of who he needs to be in order to achieve the goals on his list. An example could be “I am organised”, or “I am confrontational”. Too often we forget to work on ourselves … who we need to be in order to accomplish the things we want to achieve, to have the things we want to have.

To have a great team, for example (the goal), a business owner must manage their team effectively (the action). To manage their team well they may also need to gain new skills to be a strong leader. This may involve learning leadership and management skills, and changing their identity to one of a great role model.

The most successful people we know are always improving their own skills and identity in order to achieve their goals.

Jim Rohn said it well: “Work harder on yourself than you do on your job”.

Do you need a better planning process to achieve the success you want? Come chat with us at our office in Morpeth and we’ll see what’s possible for you and your business.

Posted by julianne, 18/6/15