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Quick Guide: How To Improve Staff Performance

Are your team members lazy, unproductive, and unmotivated?

Do they have a poor attitude?

Do you wish someone would deal with them for you, so you can get on with growing your business?

You’re not alone. The bigger your business becomes, the harder it can be to conduct the day-to-day management of team members. You feel torn between the ‘people stuff’ and actually getting on with running and growing the business. And what’s worse, you know that spending too much time in either area will create problems in the other.

So what do you do?

Quick Guide: How To Improve Staff Performance - Staff Performance

You have a few options. One is to increase the time you spend with each of your direct reports. Although this sounds counter-productive if you’re time-poor, regular meetings ensure that you are aware of small issues before they become large problems, and that you can act proactively instead of putting out fires.

We find that you need to spend time with your team no matter what – and we’d like you to do it at a time that suits you, rather than at crisis point.

For larger businesses, it’s effective to engage a professional to train your mid-line managers in how to manage their staff. Organisations with multi-layered management structures benefit greatly from this approach, as middle management take more responsiblity for their people and their teams’ performance.

You could also increase your own ability to give feedback to your team. Learning some practical skills on how to either improve poor performance or reinforce effective behaviour will start your team in the right direction. Need a jump-start? Get our e-book “The Four Essential Habits of Effective Managers.” We’ve trained literally hundreds of business leaders in these methods and they’ve had great results.

And remember, if you’re struggling with a low-performing team, the worst thing you can do is nothing at all.

Posted by julianne, 20/7/15