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How to ensure your team gives exceptional customer service

Whether your business sells a product or service, your customers want their experience with your business to be a positive one. And the basis of any memorable experience is exceptional customer service.

Tourists want to come to your town, city or region and feel welcomed, valued, and to have a memorable stay. What you provide them may not be the whole reason they come, but at the very least it can be a supportive and enjoyable addition to their visit.

Locals want to have a trusted place to come back to time and time again, with the surety of a great time.

So what is it that all customers really want? What will make their experience memorable?

How to ensure your team gives exceptional customer service - Exceptional customer service

It’s the Vibe

We believe it’s the people they encounter when dealing with your business, and the feeling they create. In the words of Dennis Denuto in the classic Australian movie The Castle: “It’s the vibe.”

The design of the space and the colours, music, and furnishings all create the ambiance. But people create the vibe and energy. Exceptional customer service is provided by happy and engaged staff.

You’ve heard the saying that people will forget what you do and say, but will remember how you make them feel. That’s the vibe that’s left over long after the details are forgotten.

A great hotel is not just about polished marble floors, an extensive wine selection and the comfort of the bed.  It’s the smile of the front desk attendant who greets you by name, the friendliness of the housekeeping staff, and the Concierge who goes out of their way to give you recommendations and directions.

A top restaurant is not just the quality of the food and the ambiance. It’s the warm welcome as you enter, the interest of the wait staff in who you are (not just what you order), or their unobtrusiveness on a special date.

Your experience of a service business is not just the outcome of the meeting you have in the boardroom. It’s the friendliness and professionalism of the receptionist when you make the appointment, the offer of a glass of water when you arrive, and everyone greeting you by name.

The people make the experience

Every business has a culture. Customers feel it the minute they interact with your staff, even if it’s just via email exchange. A business’s true culture is what happens when no-one is watching … in other words, when the boss isn’t around.

If you’re a business owner, you may be passionate about customer service and know that your clientele is happy when you serve them. You may not be so certain of how your team members are looking after them when you’re not there.

What vibe does your business give out to your customers? How do you ensure your team is working as hard as you are to please your customers?

Creating a great team culture in your business is the basis of ensuring your staff provides exceptional customer service. To find out how, grab your copy of our e-book here.