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Help! Staff Problems Are Driving Me Crazy!

One of the main reasons business owners come to us is to help with staff problems. 

Their staff problems might include staff who are under-performing; showing up late for work or not at all; or even actively damaging the culture. 

This can cause considerable stress for the owner and be a distraction for the business. 

The more time spent dealing with staff problems, the less time available for acquiring new customers, improving systems, and financial management.

Business success is achieved through people, and people can be your greatest asset, if they are managed well. 

Help! Staff Problems Are Driving Me Crazy! - staff problems

improving your leadership and management skills can help you avoid staff problems

Good leadership and management skills are essential for business owners.

When you have the skills and confidence to manage your team effectively, you will have a happy and productive team, and more time to focus on business growth.

Through business coaching or leadership and management training, Yellow Coaching can teach you how to:

• Hold regular, effective meetings with your team to ensure good communication
• Give feedback to team members to affirm or adjust their behaviour
• Delegate effectively to empower your team
• Coach team members to continually improve their performance

We can also help when things don’t go to plan, and you may need to:

• Speak with team members about poor performance
• Implement a performance improvement plan
• Provide verbal or written warnings

As a leader, continual focus on developing your skills is critical to success. A great resource to begin with is Leadership 101 by John C Maxwell.

implement these 10 things in your business to help your team succeed…

As a business leader, it’s important you give your team every resource they need to be successful. This includes:

1. a vision statement to keep them inspired
2. a mission statement to work towards
3. a culture or values statement as a guideline for behaviour
4. an organisation chart showing roles and responsibilities
5. position descriptions detailing their role
6. key performance indicators outlining what good performance looks like
7. regular discussions about their performance
8. a structure of regular and effective communication to keep the team informed
9. training or development plans so they can continually improve
10. team building opportunities to foster a strong culture.

If you haven’t implemented these in your business, you may not be giving your team the best chance of success.

how yellow coaching can help

Yellow Coaching can help solve staff problems and develop you and your team through:

Business coaching
Leadership and management training
Executive coaching
Team development workshops

To find out more, click the links above or contact us here.

We look forward to hearing from you; and helping you get the most from yourself, your team, and your business.