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The Power of Testimonials

Business Owners: Did you know that using testimonials from your customers is a great marketing strategy? It probably sounds so simple that you’re about to click away… But wait! Ask yourself, are you actually asking for testimonials regularly from your clients, and even more importantly, are you using them?

The Power of Testimonials - Testimonials

Testimonials can boost sales because they increase buyer confidence in our products and services, and reduce resistance to buy. People want to feel they can trust you, and the authentic words of your customers speak louder than anything you can say about yourself.

You can put testimonials on your website, on your Facebook page, in your sales material, even on your email footer. But make sure they contain the full name and position of the person giving the recommendation. Even better, where appropriate include their photograph and a link to their website (all with their permission, of course).

We’ve got ours proudly listed on our website along with client case studies, and we are continually asking our clients for feedback. If you’re proud of the work you do, and you know your clients are happy, start collecting testimonials. If you aren’t sure if your clients are happy, and this process reveals some dissatisfaction, it’s a great opportunity to improve your products and service. Win/win!

Posted by julianne, 5/8/15