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Are you going about life the long way around?

So often we hear the lament “It’s only Wednesday … I wish the weekend would hurry up!” And of course, we have all felt the Sunday night blues, where the thought of going back to work or to your own business is so depressing you just want to curl up under the donna and close your eyes.

While this is common, it’s not the way life has to be. We call it going about life the long way around.

One of the points of culture in our business is FUN – and we believe that life is a journey to be enjoyed. If you are looking at the five days of the week as drudgery and the two days of the weekend as your only enjoyable time, you need to make another choice.

Are you going about life the long way around? - going about life the long way around

What choice do you have? Well the options are limitless, and in this short space of time we can’t tell you what the best one is for you. It may be finding alternative work, or looking for a General Manager to run your business. It may be having a well-earned break so you can recharge, or implementing systems to automate the repetitive things you do each day that are getting you down.

The only thing we know that you have at your disposal, and the one thing that will make the biggest difference, is your attitude.

If you look at every moment of your life as one to be enjoyed, how would you do things differently?

  • You could look at Monday morning as an opportunity to start a fresh week.
  • You could assess what it really is that’s getting you down, and decide to make one change in that area each day or week (a friend or coach can help you with this).
  • You could decide to keep a gratitude log of 3 things each day that you are thankful for.
  • You could commit to a 5-minute time-out each day, at which you refocus your energies.

Whatever you decide to do, we recommend that you assess what you are able to change, take charge, and commit to improving things. And make an effort to enjoy every single day. Your life is made up of moments, and the secret to happiness is appreciating them. This is your life … please don’t short-change yourself and reduce it to only two days a week!

Posted by julianne, 5/5/15