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How can a business coach help me?

What will you get from working with a business coach?

How can a business coach help me? - business coach 

There are three main areas of focus when working with us … mindset, knowledge, and accountability. We’ll make sure you have the right attitude for success, have the knowledge you need to get you there, and we’ll make sure you get it done!

Throughout your program we will focus on many aspects of business. These are not followed in a linear fashion – the program is tailored to your business needs. Together we will assess your current situation, set outcomes, produce strategies and provide tools for you to get better results in the areas of:

Business finances – You’ll quantify your breakeven point and average dollar sale, then together we’ll set new financial targets for your business. You’ll measure your current financial results, and we’ll help you reduce your expenditure and track your increases in turnover and profit.

Priority management – You’ll learn effective ways to use your time according to your values and priorities. We’ll also ensure your team members are working efficiently and effectively so everyone is working to achieve your business goals.

Delivery – We will assess the current delivery of your products and services and implement strategies for improvement.

New business – You will identify your ideal clients and your target markets, then develop effective strategies to communicate to them the benefits of using your business in the most meaningful way. You’ll develop a marketing plan and measure the effectiveness of all marketing activities.

Getting the sale – There’s no point getting new enquiries if they don’t become customers! Ensure that your sales process maximises the conversion of leads into clients.

Client retention and customer satisfaction – Once you have a customer, we help you implement strategies to keep them coming back time and time again, and ensure they are utilising all of your products and services.

Leadership and management – You will learn the Four Essential Habits of Effective Managers that will ensure you recruit, train, coach, and manage your team well.

Vision & values – Communicate your reason for being in business, and what your business stands for. A compelling vision inspires not only you, but your team and clients. Your values show your integrity to your customers, and provide the ‘rules of the game’ to your team.

The right systems – A business with solid systems is an efficient business. You’ll learn what needs systemising, and how to systemise it, using the latest tools for creating policies, processes and procedures.

Technology – Ensure your business tools are functional, effective, reliable, and contributing to the success of your business.

In all these areas and more, we work together to get better business results for you.

To find out more, call Julianne on (02) 4933 6622 or contact us via for a complimentary discussion about your business. 

Posted by julianne, 11/5/15