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How to get business help…

How to get business help… - business help

Do you know people who have experienced incredible challenges in their life, yet retain a positive attitude and expectation of great things to come?

And do you know others who seem to be unable to handle the slightest inconvenience that puts their day out of order?

We do. And we know which ones are most likely to be successful in both business and life.

So what makes the difference?

We are not truly in control of much in life … many disasters, illnesses and unfortunate circumstances that befall us are unexpected. Some we can anticipate and prepare for, but still can’t completely control. Those things happen to all of us at difference times and to different degrees.

What we are always in control of is our attitude to what happens. It is human, necessary, and natural to grieve when we’ve lost something or someone, or be disappointed when something doesn’t go to plan. It’s normal to take time to get over things – and sometimes we never ‘get over’ them, we just decide to move on as a changed person.

What isn’t effective is letting those instances completely take over the rest of our lives. Stuff happens … but the way we respond can determine whether we grow from it, or let it defeat us.

Business can be tough, and daily we support business leaders in getting through unexpected, challenging situations. If you’re in one right now, and you’d like to see a way out, give us a call on (02) 4933 6622. We offer a limited number of complimentary coaching sessions per month to help local business owners. We’d love to hear from you.

Posted by julianne, 29/1/15