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Are you running out of willpower?

Are you running out of willpower? - willpower

Do you have goals for your business, your fitness, your health, your family, and your personal development? Do you sometimes feel that you just don’t have the willpower required to achieve them all?

Do you sometimes ‘blow out’ in one area, then decide to chuck it all in?

Believe it or not, research shows that willpower is in fact a limited resource, and that when we exert willpower in one area of our lives (for example, getting up early to exercise every morning) we have less willpower later to work towards other goals (for instance, resisting that piece of chocolate cake after dinner).

The more willpower needed to reach your goals, the more quickly your reserves are depleted.

Similar research shows that the energy required to make decisions draws from the same mental resources needed for willpower. You may have heard that President Obama only wears gray or blue suits to pare down the decisions he has to make each day, reserving his mental energy for more important decisions.

Our business success tip is to systemise the small things in your life to allow more mental energy for important things.

It may sound trivial, but deciding the night before what to wear to an important meeting, or choosing the night before which route to take to your clients’ premises will actually reduce the decisions you need to make the next day, and preserve some mental focus needed for willpower to achieve your goals.

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Posted by julianne, 18/1/15