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How To Make Marketing Easy!

How To Make Marketing Easy! - Make Marketing Easy

One of the most common mistakes business owners make with their marketing is thinking that marketing is just about “getting their name out there”. While it’s definitely necessary for people to know about you to use your products or services, that is not all that marketing is about!

We see too many businesses well known in their industry or community which are not making a profit.

The goal of your marketing should be to receive a fair exchange of profit for the product or service that you provide.

A good question for business owners to consider is: Would I do what I’m currently doing, for the money I’m currently making, as an employee for someone else? And: Would an employee do what I’m currently doing for the money I’m paying myself? The answer is usually a resounding NO!

So what’s the answer?

First acknowledge that you deserve to be well paid for what you do (we’ll help you do that in an upcoming e-newsletter).

Next determine what profit you want to make.

Then clarify:

  • Who you do your best work with
  • Where you’ll find more of those people
  • What those people will be attracted to buy
  • How to communicate why they should use your product or service over anyone else’s, and
  • The best way to get your marketing message to them.

This forms the basis of your marketing plan, in which different strategies are employed to ensure you reach the right number of people to achieve your profit goal.

Marketing really can be easy when you know how.

We’ve helped dozens of business owners to use this formula to achieve the profit they want in their business.

If you’d like help marketing your business, call our coaches on (02) 4933 6622 for information on how to get started. We look forward to hearing from you.

Posted by julianne, 20/7/14