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How will you reward yourself this year?

If you’re like most successful business people we know, you rarely take the time to sit back and appreciate all that you’ve achieved. “Next!” is probably your catch-cry, and you are always looking for the next great client, the next goal to smash, the next milestone to reach.

Christmas is a time for giving, and showing appreciation to family, friends, team, and clients for their contribution to our lives.

But an essential part of successfully moving forward is to stop and acknowledge all that you’ve achieved so far. What were your goals for 2014? What did you accomplish? What wonderful opportunities did you sieze?

How will you reward yourself this year? - reward yourself

Our advice to each of you is to stop, reflect, and reward yourself for all that you’ve done.

Some of our clients build their reward into their planning, “When I reach that target I’ll upgrade my car”. Others we have to practically pin down, point out their achievements, then force them to decide on their reward!

Whatever your achievements this year, please take this time to reflect before setting your 2015 goals. And let us know what you decide to treat yourself with!

Posted by julianne, 17/12/14