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There’s no shortcut to success

There’s no shortcut to success - shortcut to success

Too often we see it … people who want to take the shortest route to success. We are all for doing more with less, but we also know the risks of growing a business too quickly without solid preparation.

You wouldn’t run a race without adequate conditioning and training, nor would you build a house without firm foundations.

Yet we’ve had business owners come to see us about opening another branch, while their existing business isn’t making a profit.

We’ve had business owners ask for help finding great team members, yet they really need assistance in training and managing their existing team members who keep leaving.

Before we help any business grow, we take a solid look at the foundations and ensure they are strong. If you are ever promised a quick fix or short-cut to success, ensure you strengthen your foundations first…

Posted by julianne, 26/3/15