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Thinking of selling your business?

Thinking of selling your business? - selling your business

We can help.

Mark Bouris, Executive Chairman of Yellow Brick Road, says that at any one time, half of the 2.75 million small business owners in Australia (who he calls “the engine of our economy”) are considering selling.

Whether this is the culmination of a well-thought out plan or the result of sheer frustration, there are things you need to consider!

Anyone looking to buy your business will want to see exactly what they are buying.

You will need to have your financial house in order – your bookkeeping up to date, and your financial records available. You should also understand your financial position and be willing and able to explain how your business is performing compared to previous years, industry benchmarks, and your financial goals.

Prospective buyers will also want to see your business plan, including details of current and potential markets, marketing strategies, and analysis of your competition.

Of course, even if you are not considering selling, these are essential things to have in place to run your business effectively!

Whatever stage of business you are in, we can help.

Small business owners just starting out (through to experienced business owners wanting to master their business) will learn essential business management skills in our 8 session small-group Business Education Program.

Business owners and managers desiring longer-term mentoring will benefit from business coaching with our one-on-one Business Masters Mentor Program.

And Executives and Managers of larger corporations will get great results from our Executive Coaching Program.

Whatever stage of business you are in, we can help you get your business to where you want it to be, including getting it ready for sale.

Call us today on 4933 6622 for your FREE Business Coaching Session with business coach Andrew Masi to find out more. Andrew has over 10 years experience coaching business owners like you to master and grow their business.

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