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This morning I did something I never do. I got up at 5am to exercise. I’m usually a night owl, pounding the treadmill pavement at 9pm. For me it proved that all the reasons I thought I couldn’t get up early were just that … reasons and excuses. Not reality. The kids didn’t wake up, I didn’t pass out from lack of breakfast and coffee, and I didn’t pull a muscle because I wasn’t “warmed up”.

Now I understand this isn’t an exercise blog. But it got me thinking about business and the reasons we don’t move forward in our businesses and take them where we’d truly like them to be.

Have you ever thought the following?

  • I can’t grow my business because I can’t find the right staff…
  • I can’t put on a new salesperson because I can’t afford to pay them…
  • I can’t put systems in place because I just don’t have the time to sit down and write them…
  • I can’t take my business where I want it to be because I just don’t have the business background and knowledge…

I could go on, but we’ve all heard these reasons in our minds a hundred times.

I don’t know the list of reasons that you have, but I guarantee that when you’re finding excuses you’re asking yourself the wrong questions. When we ask ourselves a question such as, “Why can’t I get the people I want in my business?” we’re setting ourselves up for a particular kind of answer – an excuse or a reason that supports our belief that we can’t. An answer such as, “because no-one in my town really wants to work.”

What kind of answer would you really like to hear? An empowering one? One that offers you a solution instead of a reason something can’t happen? Instead of asking WHY, how about asking HOW?

  • HOW can I get the people I need in my business?
  • HOW can I grow my business to where I want it to be?
  • What resources do I currently have available? What resources do I need? HOW can I get them and use them effectively?

This simple exercise of changing our WHY questions into HOW questions can give us the answers we need to move forward in our businesses.

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Posted by julianne, 28/2/12