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Play-Wel for Mai-Wel

Play-Wel for Mai-Wel - Play-Wel for Mai-Wel

On Thursday 27th October Andrew Masi and the team from Rutherford Electrical Engineering Services will be participating in Play-Wel for Mai-Wel, a fun corporate sports day for local businesses to get involved and show their support for the Mai-Wel Group.

Banter and rivalry has already begun between the local teams, who are all eager for some friendly competition! The 16 teams will play soccer, netball, cricket and volleyball, battling for the opportunity to claim bragging rights at this highly anticipated social event.

Funds raised support The Mai-Wel Group, one of the larger disability service providers in the Lower Hunter Region, focused on developing opportunities that advance the lives of people with a disability, allow the individual to realise their goals for life, and provide access, integration and opportunity for all.

To sponsor Andrew in this event and donate to Mai-Wel, please click on the link below to download a sponsorship form. Thank you for your support!

Click here: Support Play-Wel for Mai-Wel

Posted by julianne, 17/10/11